Jill meets her clients where they are and comes from a place of love and non-judgement which makes it safe to share and receive support.  Her passion for clean living is inspiring and her persistence in knowing the truth is constant.  Together, Jill’s faith, wisdom and life experiences make her a genuine resource for those ready to embrace health and happiness.



I started following Jill on her blog about 11 or so years ago and now a member of her group NO Stress to Success | YOU. ONLY BETTER.  Over the years, she has been a blessing to me and my family as I struggled through many different areas in my life.  Jill has always been there to empower and encourage me, whether that be through her faith, knowledge around healthy living, or just a listening ear. Although we have never met in person I feel that we have a very special friendship that will last a life time.  I'm thankful for her gentle guiding and wisdom to lead us all to become better wives and mothers. 



We live in an age of an abundance of information. I want to chose more natural solutions for my family but often get overwhelmed in the process of figuring out which path to take next. Jill is an incredible resource for our family of seven. It is such a blessing as a busy mama to have a health coach that I can trust completely. Jill is a wealth of knowledge and we have seen time and again her recommendations bring health and healing to our tribe.



I have known Jill for over 10 years. We have never really met in person, we are online friends. I first met Jill it the blogging world. We both had blogs, posted about struggles, and just like that, we became friends. 


I am an RN and I was fascinated by Jill's knowledge regarding health issues. I bought her book and loved it. Still use some of those recipes. Her knowledge is constantly evolving as she continues to search for updated information. She has helped me numerous times to regain my health. 


One thing about Jill, she is passionate about helping people and spreading knowledge. Knowledge is power. She is up front, yet not judgmental. Many times, I have returned to old habits. She says: "look, I don't need to tell you over and over you messed up, I am here to get you through the next phase. Here's how we are gonna start...." She works with you, but she won't do the work for you. You have to want it. She's always there though. Always praying. Jill, is not just my coach, my mentor, she is a close friend. One who loves me in spite of my downfalls. One who stands by me no matter what.



Jill has been a treasured blessing in my life for more than 6 years now and I'm so thankful for her presence in my life.  A beautiful lasting friendship has grown out of the years of guidance and encouragement Jill has given me.  I love knowing I can trust her to do her research, know what she's talking about, and lead me down the best path for me to follow.  Whether it's getting my body back on track physically through what I eat or what I put on my skin, or even being an encouragement mentally and spiritually, helping to point my eyes back on God and see myself through God's eyes, Jill's there.  She provides the pinches needed to keep going and also knows when to encourage forgiving yourself, get back up and keep going.  


Jill has a heart overflowing with love for building up the women around her and it's something she's lived out for as long as I've known her.  If you have the need for someone in your life to encourage and build you up, and to trust to guide you in wisdom, Jill is your woman!



"Jill is one of the most passionate and diligent people I have ever met. She takes both her own health as well as others very seriously, and is always very enthusiastic to help others. Jill is always knowledgeable and has fully researched all her methods and resources. She walked me through some dark days of Lyme disease with both compassion and encouragement!"



The thing I appreciate the most about working with Jill, is her ongoing and continuing knowledge of natural healing.  I can trust her implicitly to share the most up-to-date information with me whenever I ask about any health challenge my family is facing.  Five years ago, she recommended that I switch to a gluten and dairy free diet, and I have been asthma free ever since!!  After having such success with what Jill suggested, I implemented a gluten free diet to help our three daughters digestive tracts heal.

I unequivocally recommend Jill to anyone looking to find the best information from a person they can trust to lead them on a path to total wellness.  She not only does in-depth research on everything she recommends, but will only share products that she has used with great success and trusts to be safe for others as well.  You are in excellent hands with Jill!



Jill is someone that once you meet you realize pretty quickly that she is filled with passions over various areas of her life from from her faith to her journey in healthy living. Whenever I was questioning a health path I would run it by Jill who was usually as best I can explain…’a page ahead of me’….and very driven to also research the questions I had. She also was a big encouragement to just be around. In the world of health it can get lonely at times with folks wondering why I’m not just going the conventional way. Why I’m making my life more difficult, etc. Jill was that friend who was on the same page as me and her joy and passion and knowledge was infectious and always encouraged me. Through Jill I have found two great professionals in health that I still work with the past several years and would have never known about them had Jill not found them for herself & her family and then recommend them to me. I love that about Jill. She is always wanting to share her latest find. What we do with those finds is up to us — as each health journey is personal & unique, but she comes highly recommended by me!!!



I met Jill in 2005, when we were attending the same church in Pennsylvania. I always knew her to be a genuine person, willing to help with a word of advice or encouragement. I traveled, and she moved, but we always kept in touch via email. After my son was born in 2013, I came down with recurring conjunctivitis in both eyes. When the prescription medicine stopped working I sent Jill a message. I knew she was well versed in natural medicine, and that was my next step in searching for some relief. I had contracted the eye infection from my 21 month old daughter the week before Thanksgiving, and had a newborn at home as well, and by Valentines day I knew I needed a different approach. Her response was simple and straight forward - treat the infection holistically, not just topically. She didn't "prescribe" me anything, just pointed me in the direction of natural immune boosters, within the next few days my eyes completely cleared up! I realized then that my philosophy on medicine was missing a huge piece, and I started to research alternative medicines and therapies for myself. I loved that she offered me gentle guidance, and let me come to my own conclusions based on the facts presented. For the next year I still had extremely sensitive eyes and skin, but to this day haven't had another eye infection!

Then in October 2014 Jill introduced me to a natural mascara company, and I was amazed that it didn't irritate my eyes the way that the conventional brands did. I asked her more about the company, and joined her to share this great product with my family and friends - many of whom knew about my struggle to find cosmetics that didn't irritate me. She was a great mentor and always provided clear guidance on how to build my business online. I knew that she thoroughly researched everything she put her time and efforts into and that's something that I relied on as I stepped out of my comfort zone and started my own home-based business. We have both moved on and in 2016 began working together with another skincare company whose mission is to get safe and effective products into the hands of everyone. This is a mission that is near and dear to my heart, as I discovered that the reason I was so sensitive to products on the market wasn't my own body's failing, but the result of toxins and carcinogens in the products in the marketplace. Jill's mentor-ship has given me the confidence to pursue excellence in my business as well as my personal relationships helping people learn more about the best ways to care for our health and our overall wellness. I am grateful for the gift that she has been to me and look forward to working with her for many years to come! I am blessed to have her as a friend and mentor!



Working with Jill means working with a hard working, energetic, and inspiring woman, aka the best kind of person to work with.  It was easy to trust Jill from the get go because her goal was to help me succeed.  Not once has Jill told me, "I don't think you can do that."  Jill reminds me that the sky is the limit and no goal is un-achievable.  There is no such thing as giving up on Jill's team, nor is there room for negativity.  She is passionate about Beautycounter and gives "healthy living inside and out," a whole new meaning.  Since I've met Jill so many aspects of my life have improved such as my work ethic and the quality of the foods and care products I use.  This is only what she's done for one young woman.  Just imagine the endless possibilities Jill can achieve as a life coach.  It is incredible what women can do when they come together and it is absolutely remarkable what Jill Samter has done for me.



Jill is a bright and bold light in the lives of those who know her. It’s immediately evident to see that she’s filled with passion. Aside from her faith and family, helping others learn and grow is a standout priority. She’s extremely generous of her time and resources when coaching a client or training a new team member. I’ve had the pleasure of working very closely with Jill over the past year and can honestly say she’s one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. She’s not afraid of a challenge, is excellent at goal setting and leads her team by example. I’m truly blessed by having her in my life and calling her my friend!



Jill Samter is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met. She sets big goals for herself and turns them into reality. I personally have gotten to work alongside of Jill and not only did she make me want to be the best me that I could be, she gave me courage that I never knew I had before. She made me realize my fears and goals really weren't all that scary or hard to accomplish. With Jill's guidance and encouragement, I have achieved goals much faster than I ever believed possible. I am blessed by her friendship.



The other night I was sitting down to dinner with a friend, and over our salads we were asking each other questions to get to know one another better. As I paused between forkfuls, I asked her about the women, apart from her mother, who had been influential and had an impact on her. When she returned the question, one of the first to come to mind for me was Jill. Because we met through a mutual friend, Jill had heard of me and prayed for me in what had been the toughest season of my life. Before we ever met, she prayed for me. And at least a year before I met her, I had prayed for a mentor-type figure, someone to pour into my life and offer guidance when I felt like I needed it most. I had no concept of what to ask for, but Jill was an answer to my prayer in so many ways. Countless times I have called her up or texted her and before she even knows the details, she offers me encouragement or wisdom that perfectly addresses my needs in that moment. Many times, she walks through the same struggle—played out differently in each of our lives—that I would face just after…In some ways she would walk through the fire before I did, providing encouragement to me as I faced the very fears she had just conquered. I appreciate our relationship, which continues although time and distance prevent us from speaking as often as we used to, because it is challenging in a good way. I hold Jill in a high place of honor and respect in my heart, and her words have weight to me. Many times, my palms sweat a little before our phone calls because her opinion matters so much to me. But every time, she once again shows me the love of the Father in her acceptance and kindness towards me. She doesn’t try to overly “fix” me, she doesn’t judge, she doesn’t use harsh words; instead she listens, relates to what I’m saying, and points me back to God’s character.


Jill always seeks to ground me in the reality of His love, which is the greatest gift anyone could give. Last summer, I was in town for a wedding, and Jill welcomed me—always hospitable, always welcoming, always setting another place at the table—into the home. The wedding was beautiful, the food was great, and there were so many moments—some life-altering moments—that I will cherish for many years to come. But one of the things that would seem small to any outsider was how often she told me I was beautiful. Did she know that I had recently been struggling with that? That the very week I was traveling down to visit, I had been wrestling against the harsh words that so many of us tell ourselves? If she did know, it wasn’t through earthly means. But in her kitchen, in the car, in the living room as we prayed, I stood before her bare-faced and she told me I was beautiful. This is one small example of a timely word dropped that encouraged me to my core. Jill tunes into the Father’s heart, and He uses her to meet needs in a very beautiful and life-giving way. I am so blessed to have her encouragement and support in my life, and I know that these past few years would be drastically different without her. Jill sets an example for me in her character, her generosity, her purity, and her passion. I have seen her attack her dreams with ferocity—doubts miles away from her mind—and pour her energy into the next project, and the next, and the next. She always aims higher and thinks bigger, and just by her being herself, she challenges me to lean into grace and seek the next step. I am so grateful for someone who is not ashamed of being vulnerable, who lives taking the responsibility of health seriously, and who loves generously.


Jill, thank you for being you, and for giving your life to the Father to be used to touch the hearts of those around you…Your friendship these past few years has meant so much to me, and I look forward to many more.



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