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Nine months ago, the words CBD/HEMP/THC began popping up all over social media.  It triggered a conversation I had with my old homeopathic doctor years ago and I knew I needed to begin doing more research to understand what all the buzz was about.  As you all know when it comes to what our family uses, let alone share with anyone I take that responsibility pretty seriously.  Which means I spend hours upon hours researching so you all don't have to. 

Now allow me to take you all back with me to approximately thirteen years ago, I was sitting across from my homeopathic doctor listening to him share a story about a dear friend of his who was fighting stage four lung cancer.  His words touched me deeply and felt fresh in my mind as I read all the research behind Hemp oil.  He said, "Jill, if I ever got diagnosed with cancer I would get hemp oil immediately and use it for the rest of my life."  This same doctor is the reason I was able to fight and win against severe auto-immune challenges naturally...so I take what he says pretty seriously.

Fast forward to the last six months, I began looking into several different products to help our family restore and optimize our health on another level. 


If you've ever googled Hemp or CBD, you'll know there are endless options to choose from. But how to know which is best for your family? Word of mouth? Certainly. Amazon review? Maybe, I don't trust them unless it was a product directly recommended to me by a friend or healthcare professional.  Hours of your own research? Imperative and again, its exactly what I did before saying yes to use and share the following with you.

I'm truly excited to introduce you to the BEST CBD/CBG Oils available to us. 



There are a few key things I look for when it comes to what we put on and in our bodies:

  • Made in the USA

  • Naturally based (free of all the harmful junk)

  • Company who does things to change lives not just fill their pockets

  • Organic when possible

Some products we use daily are essential oilsDNA formulated supplements, safer beauty, and toxic free hair care.  You can find the rest here. 

Understanding what Hemp is exactly, and what it isn't was the first step for me. I tried a few different brands over the last six months and wasn't finding results until I ordered a bottle of this particular hemp oil suggested by my friend Gabrielle. We go back over fifteen years and she had been using it with her family (her and her twin boys dealt with a severe auto-immune challenge) for a while and raved about the support and changes to their health.

After speaking with her and all the research I conducted, I ordered right away. Within days it arrived and we immediately began to understand why Prime My Body was working as well as it has been, and because I love to share what I learn, let's get right to the good stuff!  It's a lot of... science, but I'll explain in terms that makes sense to those of us who are not world-renown chemists!  AKA - me!


The science behind why this Hemp is so great is based on the Human Endocannabinoid System. It's an intricate part of our immune system and when activated by taking phyto cannabinoid diols, humans and animals have better ability to fight, resist, and assist in supporting + repairing the mind and body.  WATCH THIS VIDEO TO UNDERSTAND WHY YOU NEED CANNABINOIDS EACH DAY, especially as we age.


The CBD Oil we use is made with a two-part Ethanol and Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography extraction process to get compounds off of the plant. It's a really sophisticated purification process, where plant waxes, natural compounds, and THC are pulled. This leaves very pure extracts which are tested again and again to ensure purity.

Here's a list of things that are not ever included in this oil:

  • pesticides

  • herbicides

  • mold toxins

  • heavy metals

  • microbes


It's also certified gluten free + GMO free.



This is a really cool process, and it's the delivery of this oil that makes it unique to other kinds. Basically being nano-enhanced is what makes the absorption fast and complete, with exceptionally high bio-availability (basically the degree and rate a drug is absorbed by the body). We absorb these nano-particles so quickly and fully, in just 30 seconds it's entered your blood stream. It passes the blood brain barrier and peaks around 30-40 minutes after being taken.

The liposomes are essentially little vehicles that looks exactly like a cell wall membrane, so when we take it? It's absorbed strait into our cells. This liposomal formulation brings the amazing power of IV therapy into a more convenient, oral delivery for super rapid uptake. Really, this isn't an oil per say, it's a nano-emulsification of an oil. Pretty amazing right??


The biggest difference as I mentioned is the delivery of the Hemp. Prime's Hemp is pumped under the tongue, where it's received and immediately, literally, immediately absorbing. The nano particles just get RIGHT in there.

When you swallow another brand, eat a CBD-enhanced candy, or have a hemp-drink, you have to wait for absorption. Charlotte's Web for example, is dispersed in MCT oil (which yes is a good, healthy oil!) however it has to get through your GI track and emulsify with your bile to absorb. By the time this happens, only a small % is being absorbed, due to time and travel, and many other obstacles. It isn't that other brands (like CW) are bad, or that the product isn't solid - it's HOW it is absorbed. ABSORPTION IS EVERYTHING!

If other kinds of CBD were creating liposomes for their Hemp, then there would be competition. As I've mentioned before I will ONLY share the best of the best!  Don't forget absorption is KEY! 


PMB's Hemp comes in a 50ml bottle. This bottle gives you 100 pumps, which you'll place right under your tongue. They suggest doing it on an empty stomach, 10 minutes or so before eating. Our family does not follow this rule hard core, as we take it as needed / throughout the day based on our own schedule. Hold under your tongue for 30 seconds, then we swish it around some. A drink of water after is acceptable, the Hemp has a citrus tang to it (we all say grapefruity), which none of us mind at all.  It neutralizes quickly for those of you worried about taste. Unlike others we've tried this do NOT leave an "ashtray" taste in your mouth or on your breath. 

You can not overdose on this, Hemp is incredibly good for you, the more the better! But suggested dosage is 1-2 pumps 2/day. You can go up to 2-4 pumps 4/day if needed. It all depends on what you're working to support and how you respond. Many people feel a calm wash over them immediately, if you do not, then that doesn't mean it isn't working! Quite the opposite. Consistency is KEY here. It was about five days of use 2/day before our daughter felt balanced, less stressed and began sleeping soundly! 

With everything time and consistency are key when utilizing natural things to help your body restore its balance.

You can learn more about the history behind HEMP OIL, the FAQ's, etc on my blog.

Did you know your pets can benefit from CBD oil too? Learn more here.


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