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 What was unthinkable 20 years ago, unattainable 10 years ago, unaffordable 5 years ago, is HERE today! 


TODAY we can optimize our body with the highest quality custom made DNA-Guided nutrition made fresh ONLY for you!

If you could look inside your DNA, then would you? 

What if you no longer had to question if every supplement suggested for you is truly best for your body (let alone your DNA)?  Or if the ingredients in your nutritional supplements are in the right form (that your body needs or can utilize) or right quantity for you specifically?  Are you sure they are helping to put your genes (DNA) back into balance? Do you ever wish you could have a look into your genetic code to understand why your body is out-of-balance?  I sure have!


Your DNA is as “personal" as it gets!


The genetic hand we are dealt at birth influences our predisposition towards a healthy life, but does not commit them to it. Diet, lifestyle and environmental factors play a role, but not entirely. 


Testing your DNA gives you significant information about yourself. We are all potentially susceptible to certain physical ailments based on variations in our genes, passed down from our parents. These genetic variations are called SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). We cannot eliminate our SNPs, but we can take action to optimize them.


The link between nutrition and genetics...


Science suggests our overall well-being is at the heart of the marriage between nutrition and genetics, known as nutrigenomics. 


Imagine learning you had a variant in the gene that controls healthy weight management.


This could explain why no diet EVER worked for you, weight gain is prevalent in your family and your eating habits and cravings often feel out of your control. 


Well, you can now blame it on your genes! The FTO gene has authority over fat mass and obesity. Multiple clinical studies show that common SNP variants of the FTO gene are clearly associated with obesity, increased risk of BMI, binge eating, consuming significantly more calories per day and Type 2 diabetes.


Science has cracked the code between nutrient intake and gene expression. Even though you may have the SNP variant in weight management, or numerous other variants that affect your wellness, we now have a practical approach anyone can use.


By consuming specific nutrients, backed by peer reviewed studies, we can now influence actual biochemical reactions in our bodies that are important to our long-term health and wellness.


Genes influence functions such as how well our bodies maintain healthy blood pressure or cholesterol levels, how well our collagen cycle functions, even how well our bodies utilize key nutrients such as CoQ10, folate, and Vitamin D.


Your DNA knows exactly what you need.


You can know down to our genetic code what our body is lacking.  You will NEVER have to guess or hope you are getting enough vital nutrients (mineral/vitamins, etc.) that your body needs!   80% of the population is walking around dangerously deficient. 


Are you one of them?

Here is what is MOST exciting!!! RIGHT NOW we have the technology to match the science (tested for decades), and you can test for your specific genetic imbalances. Armed with a 35 page detailed report you will be empowered to know exactly what is needed to support your SNPs!  You can know with certainty that what you are taking is what your body needs.  Your uniquely formulated nutrition ONLY for you!  It can't be bought anywhere else and NO one will have the same formula you do!   No sharing :-D  

Using the science of nutrigenomicsnutrigenetics and epigeneticsÜFORIA Science™ is the only company to provide a personalized nutritional formula based on your DNA. This proprietary formula is rich in essential phytonutrients, whole foods, super fruit extracts, and antioxidants to help meet the nutritional needs of your body.

• Proprietary formulas developed by our Scientific Advisory Board

• Highest quality plant-based ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals

• Compounded to your exact, personal DNA Healthy-Aging Panel™ results

• Ingredients scientifically selected to support your health where you have genetic variants

• Nutrition to enhance your bio-chemistry

• HIPAA-compliant data management

• Contains no fillers or binders 

You can get your personalized, custom, DNA nutrition.

1. Order your DNA kit and swab the inner side of your mouth.

2. Mail your DNA sample in a prepaid envelope (included) to be analyzed at our CLIA-certified lab. Strict HIPAA guidelines are followed to ensure your information remains confidential and secure.

3. Based on your DNA results, your custom-made formula of ÜTRITION is formulated for you. It’s made from peer-reviewed, plant-based ingredients, plus specific vitamins and minerals. Your ÜTRITION formula is so unique, it’s one of 400 million possible combinations.

4. While your ÜTRITION is being formulated, you can begin preparing your body with PRETRITION, a robust combination of pure raw food/herbs, ac-11, with no fillers, preservatives or binders. 

When your customized formula arrives, you’ll receive your detailed report and action plan explaining what you need to know about your SNPs (what was passed down to you by one or both of your parents). This report is so valuable and contains an incredible amount of information …exclusively about you!


The sooner you know, the better! 

Take a listen as I share what makes this opportunity so special?  Watch this short video today!    If you are ready to join and begin sharing the future of health and wellness with me, then contact me today!


I can't wait to hear from you and help you get your very own unique nutrition too!  

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