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After thousands of inquiries over the last ten years, Jill created what is now known as Jill's Favorite List.  You will find many of the items she and tens of thousands use each month to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.  Now you can enjoy cleaner and safer options from skincare to pots and pans. 

The list is periodically updated so be sure to check back each month to see what she is loving right now!  

The number one question I get after "what do we eat?" is "how do you keep your family so healthy?"  Answer is three fold, first we eat to live and put the highest quality of nutrition available into our bodies every single day!  We eat low carb, healthy fats, no junk (processed) food and rarely eat out, and stay super hydrated daily.  Lastly, we have used essential oils to boost our immune system for almost ten years and keep our home clean without using chemicals!

The ONLY rebounder I recommend and use.  I've been using this brand for 10 years!  You can learn a bit more about it and why I love it here.




Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitor

Grassfed Beef Organ Powder  excellent source of VIT B's

Grassefed Beef Collagen or this Collagen Powder (no taste)

VIT C - NanoNutra (I take 1/4 tsp a day) 

Grassfed Beef Bone Marrow


Whey Protein Powder - Creamy Vanilla (we use it in our carnivore waffles) and this one for CHOCOLATE!!!

BEST Waffle Maker for a family!!! Perfect every time!  Great for a burger and sandwiches too!

NINJA Air Fryer - super easy to use and clean!!!!

My favorite cookware and it looks great in my white kitchen!  

Mini Waffle Maker for one person

Artesian Water System w/Pump

Real Salt


Celtic Sea Salt

Trace Electrolytes or this brand Electrolytes - we use these drops everyday 

Ease Magnesium Spray


Ceramic cookware that we love for cooking steaks, burgers, etc.

Lipase - for those who are new to carnivore and need help with digesting extra protein and fat

I use a MAGIC BULLET for eggs and making my carnivore chaffles, pancakes, etc. Or you can get a NUTRIBULLET here


MY MUST have
facial cleaner brush and massager


Hazelnut Flour (low carb) for breads/bagels, etc.

Hemp Seeds


Flax Chia Coconut Seed Blend

Chia Seeds

Five Seed Oil Blend

Apple Cider Vinegar


Organic Stevia (zero calorie and carb sweetener) Or this one


Organifi Green Juice Powder Best tasting green powder!!!!


Zero Calorie Sweetener with NO Erythritol Monk Fruit

Organic Gluten Free Protein Powder

Amazing Greens Powder

Organic Tumeric Powder

Olive Oil or this brand

Coconut Oil



Avocado Oil or we like Ava Jane's Avocado Oil

Avocado Mayo (THE BEST EVER) or a better deal 6 pack

Gluten Free - Paleo Low Carb Pizza Crust


Best Natural Antibiotic - Collodial Silver or this one which we use for ear infections or any eye infection, etc. 

REPLAY Electrolytes - recommended by many MD's.

Nettle - anti-inflammatory properties, and can be a great support for a run-down endocrine system. You can get it as a tea, tincture, or capsule.

Zinc - can help protect you from many diseases. Maintaining healthy zinc levels can help shield you from pathogens and minimize future illness.

Omega DHA/EPA  this one is quality plant-based Omega-3 supplement


Probiotic and Enzyme together 

Probiotics for women and men

Probiotics for Kids


Vitamins for Kids

Vitamins for Teen Girls

Vitamins for Teen Boys

Vitamin D3 Drops

Herbal Coffee Alternative Teccino 

Stresscare  is awesome for anyone with adrenal fatigue

Lavender and Chamomile Organic Tea

Fractioned Coconut Oil (for oil pulling)

Essential Oxygen Brushing Rinse

Artesian Water System w/Pump

Natural Toothpaste (no fluoride) 

Another Natural Toothpaste Option

My Favorite Powder Toothpaste (great for your gums and whitening teeth) do NOT need if you are carnivore!  Your body will heal your gums and teeth naturally!

Copper Tongue Scraper 

Dryer Sheets (non toxic)

Laundry Pods (non toxic)

Diffuser (runs for 10 hours - easy to clean)

Natural Salt Lamps (purchase one or two) these come with dimmer switches so you can use them as nightlights too! 


Ice-Cream Maker

Spiral Slicer

Pyrex Custard Cups 10 ounces

Gummy Bear Molds

Pans I use to bake with are found here and here

Best veggie food chopper can be found here


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