Essential Oils are the naturally occurring volatile oils obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing (expression), having the characteristic aroma of the plant part from which it was derived. These 100% pure oils are “neat”, meaning they have not been processed, diluted or manipulated in any way with solvents or other additives. Although a particular species of plant, harvested and distilled for its essential oil during a particular growing season in a specific region, may produce a fragrance differing from the same species grown in a different region, but many of the main chemical markers and physical specifications may be very similar.

Where do most oils come from?

Essential oils come from all over the world. Most essential oils are distilled on the farm or near where the plant is grown. Therefore, essential oils tend to come from the regions of the world where the plants are cultivated. Besides North America, many oils come from Europe and Southeast Asia.  You can learn more about organic vs pure essential oils here

Therapeutic essential oils can also be used as dietary supplements supporting a variety of healthy conditions. Some EOs have powerful antioxidant properties while others help support a healthy inflammatory response in cells. Many EOs are generally regarded as being safe for dietary use in moderation but there are oils that should not be taken internally. Please don’t use any essential oil product internally that does not have the appropriate dietary supplement facts on its label. Food for thought: taking essential oil internally sends your essential oils through the digestive system. Results can be modified by body fluids and delayed by the whole process. Consider topical application first and foremost for the quickest results and the most benefits.

Using essential oils can be both profoundly simple and life changing all at once. Working with someone who has used essential oils before can help first-time users have a good experience and boost their confidence. There’s a wealth of information available for those wanting to increase their knowledge of essential oil applications.  Some ideas for you…

I recommend purchasing a few good books, and spending lots of time Googling EOs and their uses!  As always, hands-on use will add to your confidence and open up lots of learning opportunities to broaden your knowledge and healing skills. Practice “less is more”, essential oils are very potent tools, learn all you can about their uses and their cautions. Example: Oregano!  This is a very hot essential oil and always needs a carrier oil for topical applications.


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